Developing a Muscle Building Workout

Developing a Muscle Building Workout

Diet is an essential component to building muscle. The nutrition that you are getting, especially on your rest days, are vital in maintaining a strict muscle building regimen. Drink protein drinks in the morning to fill your body with the nutrients it has lost during the night. Along with a protein drink you should also be taking in some complex carbohydrates so that you have the energy to get through the day. This should be repeated one to two hours before a muscle building workout so that your body can take the punishment you will be giving it. No more than 45 minutes after your workout you should be taking in 25 percent of your body’s daily protein.

After working out, drink a high glycemic and high protein drink so that your body can absorb it. Before bed, you should be eating a light meal so that your body can’t store it as fat. Foods that are easily digestible are best along with some slow-digesting protein to keep your muscles repairing properly throughout the night. Stick to these guidelines and you should start to see a difference in the results you are getting from your weight lifting workout. Squats and bench press are the most effective compound workouts that can be done to tone the body and add muscle.

Other exercises that produce fast results are calf raises for the legs, bench dips and bicep curls for the arms, pull ups for the back, push ups for the shoulders and rad140 sarm testolone crunches for those six pack abs. The body itself is capable of building muscle without using any type of fancy machines. Free weights are actually the best method for building muscle because of the variety of exercises that can be done for a muscle building workout. Using light, medium and heavy weights are all important to keeping the body toned and growing muscle. Medium weight is usually desired for reaching the desired muscle size. Incorporating heavy and light weights into your muscle building workout will keep the muscles responsive and will produce even more growth.

Changing up the weight sets will always keep the body guessing…calves and abdominal muscles require more repetitions. When you are working the arms and legs it is better to do fewer reps and use a higher weight. If you keep doing the same routine everyday with the same amount of weight, your body will plateau. You will suddenly find that you can’t lose weight and you aren’t building muscle. The only way to have a successful muscle building workout is to progressively make the workouts harder and the reps longer. This way you convince your body that it needs to build muscle to deal with the stress you are putting on it.

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